HD Ginger™


7 fl oz

High Definition MelaPixel™ Tanning Technology with Venti Unus (21) Bronzers and Melaboost™ HD

A passion and desire for the ultimate in dark bronzing decadence finds you standing center stage!Revel in golden, bronze radiance…as you coyly blow a kiss in their direction.

Vital Stats

Best for: Those seeking revolutionary ingredients to restore skin vitality and boost tanning results, combined with the immediate results of an Optimizer.

Use: Maximize an existing base tan for deeper, darker results while tanning indoors

Feel: Luscious, fast-absorbing lotion

Fragrance: Champagne Kisses


Venti Unus (21) Bronzers

Melaboost™ HD Bronzer

High Definition Melapixel™ Tanning Technology

ColorCatalyst™ Complex, TRF 2010™


Shiitake Mushroom Extract

Alpine Lichen

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12:00 p.m. - 20:00 p.m.

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